Tobacco Cessation: a Video Conference based Seminar conducted @ TaGLA-Tanzania

A Tobacco Cessation: a Video Conference based Seminar conducted Tanzania DLC – TaGLA with Dr.Surabhi Somani from Continental Hospital in India presented on a Tobacco Cessation on how to aid people in quitting tobacco. She presented not only medication which treats chemical imbalance but on applied different alternate techniques to balance the negative energy which helps users to have a tobacco free life. She initiated her tobacco cessation journey in 2011 with Public health foundation of India and her passion for tobacco cessation led her to found her own venture – Toxin Taxation to make a larger impact to society.
Dr. Somani sighted adverse side effects on second hand smokers and third party smokers and research data on Tabora women using tobacco for family planning which in turn affects genetics of individuals with negative effects.
The session was attended by Professional Medical Doctors, Cardiac specialists, Medical Students, Smokers, anti smoking activists, faith based organization and the general public linking Tanzania and India through videoconference. TaGLA is planning to host a series of videoconference seminars in collaboration with Continental Hospital, India on similar topics and other areas on Plastic Surgery, cardiology, Cancer Treatment, and Dengue fever.