For the best service and reliable choose AADLC today, We guarantee the best service on Video Conference, Video Bridging and Multimedia. Please visit our office today which are available every corner of Africa. You can also get our services anywhere in the world. AADLC excellent service is our priority.

Our Services

  • Video Conference Services

Kilimanjaro_vc3AADLC will help you to communicate in different locations electronically face-to-face, in real time, and share all types of information including data, documents, sound and picture. We have a large and modern rooms completely contain the microphone, air condition and Modern Furniture with the ability to take people between 10 to 40. Read More …


  • Video Bridging Services

bridge1AADLC we are natural provide excellent video bridging service and guaranteed for all time, No matter your choice of network, or the geographical limitations of the endpoints, or you are using an IP based videoconferencing system and you still need to communicate with ISDN based systems. Read More …


  • Multimedia Services

multimedia6Welcome AADLC for good service and reliable. Multimedia Services is the best service that will give you a good use of our technology. Computer’s that connected to high-speed internet, Projectors, Studying rooms contain Air Condition and Modern Furniture. Read More …


  • Consultancy Services
  • Programs Designing
  • Events Management
  • Materials Support 

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We provide a variety of services to help you design learning programs and events. Read More …