Use of Video Conferencing is Growing Significantly During Covid-19

With the outbreak of Covid-19 virus, the usually busy streets, malls, educational institutes – schools, colleges, coaching centers, academies, universities and Governments across the world are exercising caution due to social distancing or quarantine and looking for efficient audio and video communication tools to continue doing their work official business meetings and studies over video conference.
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We provide excellent video bridging services which guarantee quality and seamless connection between variety of end points. No matter your choice of network, end-point device, geographical location, or type of connectivity, be it IP or ISDN, our solution can easily link all parties. AADLC Bridge is designed to connect all systems and virtually all software based video applications. We are able to connect you with 3 or more sites depending on the number of sessions you have. Also We are able to connect a mobile device.
We have a large and modern rooms completely contain 1-6 microphone, handheld wireless microphone, 2 big projectors, internet access, air condition and modern furniture with the ability to take people between 10 to 40. Using our bridging infrastructure based on the Polycom RMX , We can host conferences with up to 15 interactive participants in any combination of IP, ISDN, POTS and VOIP from most any location worldwide. You can connect to your conference from your boardroom, your desktop (PC or Laptop), via telephone and even wireless.