Video Conference Services

Our video conferencing facilities offer suitable and convenient alternative to expensive and time consuming travelling. It is a cost- effective way of conducting long distance meetings, without having to leave home or the office. Leveraging on our professional and wide network world wide network, We guarantee you connection to over 3,500 locations in over 120 countries globally. Kindly contact one of our affiliates to book for our video conferencing services

Do you know why people choose Our Facilities ? 
1. Business   Kilimanjaro_vc5

Our facilities helps merchants with the ability to meet and to work with others over a distances.
This facilities offer merchants to increase efficiency by

  • Enable top management to quickly and effectively communicate with employees sitting in multiple locations.
  • Keep meetings brief and more focused than face-to-face meetings.
  • Improve use of executive time.
  • Reduce travel  costs.
2. Distance Learning   Kilimanjaro_vc3

Video conferencing facilities is an exciting technology for all education activities. You will be able to see each other, share documents and discuss various topics together in a situation similar to a traditional classroom setting. This facility will help you to increase efficiency by

  • Share scarce resources
  • Increase interation between leactures and students.
  • Increasing an instructor’s audience.
  • Saving travel time and expenses.
3. Health heart Operation

Video conferencing facilities allow doctors to share different studies as well as surgical and medical  services without moving from their work place. Our facilities facilitate electronic Continuing Medical Education (eCME) among professionals. Also there are times when you needs medical advice but unable to visit your personal physician or even a specialist. In such situations using video conferencing  can make all the difference.

4. Legal Judges Gavel

The use of video conferencing facilities is becoming more prevalent in today’s courtrooms. Video conferencing facilities are used to enable testifying witnesses to “appear” in court without having to travel to the courtroom. Expert witnesses, prisoners, and various other witnesses can provide the same testimonies from remote locations.